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Point drains

To lowering the groundwater level for excavation process and ease of excavation, used from new systems. Wellpiont system one of the basic challenges of construction operations in granular loose soils and under groundwater level, especially in buildings excavation, urban utilization channels and pumping ponds, is the slipping the walls and collapse the saturated soil mass into the excavated zone. For this purpose in most of construction projects, lowering the groundwater lever by construction of drainage wells in different parts of the ground is one of the basic measures is this field. Before any excavation process and water pumping from the wells to the outside of the excavated zone exection of drainage wells in costal areas in loose sandly soils has enjoyed from great importance. Because of in this type of soils, instability of soil is

occurring more quickly.



Construction process off temporary wellpoints in loose sandy soils can be wide application in the field of agricultural engineering and irrigation and drainage. Especially in civil engineering, for performing construction process underground water level, it’s needed to execution of temporary drainage system inside and outside of excavated zone. Therefore, using form this method is possible in urban construction having underground floors. Water and waste water channels, implementation of discharge ponds and water and wastewater pumping, liquid storage tanks, implementation of road and buildings that related its and many civil projects.



In this method, execution of wells done with minimum cost, maximum rate (speed), maximum performance quality, no need to extra (additional) drainage material (sand, gravel, …), prevent the occurrence of piping in the end of casing pipe and without work shop and invironment pollution. Based on the experience gained from constructing this system, it is possible to execution drainage well with a diameter of50 centimeters and a depth of 7 meters.


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