Today 2020/11/30

Impact compaction

Rammed Impact Compaction is one of the ways to increase the density of the surface soils. In this method, the energy transfers as frequency shootout by a hammer connected to a hydraulic hammer on a mechanical shovel, in a network with square or triangular format transfers to soil bed. The number of beats from the hammer to the ground is about 400_650 beats per minute. Rammed points and other soil improvement parameters including the energy, rammed staging and periods of stopping, get chosen based on data obtained from the test site.


_Increase the bearing capacity of soil 

_Reduce settlement

_Demolition holes and increase the density of soil

_Fast implementing speed 

_Economically efficient 

_Reduce the volume of embankment

_The possibility of bed compaction in excavation area


_ Compaction of the construction debrises

_Compaction of collapsible soils

_Compaction of loose and soft soils

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