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In Place and Driven Piles

A pile is like a column that runs through the soil to transfer surface load from the foundation to the deep layers. The usual depth of piles is between 10 to 40 meters and their diameter is between 40 to 150 cm. Piles are practically divided into two main categories: 1) driven piles and 2) drilled piles. Driven piles can be made of metal, concrete or wood, and the use of metal and concrete in this type of pile is more common. Drilled or in-situ piles also consist of drilling wells and concreting inside. The maximum possible length for the pile depends on the type of pile and the method of its execution. The length of prefabricated concrete piles cannot be too long. In-situ concrete piles are not as limited in length compared to prefabricated concrete piles. Of course, the maximum depth of drilling and concreting in situ is limited due to the equipment used.



  • The soil under the foundation should not have a suitable load.
  • The foundation settlemet should be problematic.
  • It is not possible to implement a surface foundation.



  • Possibility to run below the water level and off the coast
  •  High execution speed
  •  Density of granular soils and improvement of their resistance parameters during compaction
  •  Ability to control the quality of materials
  •  Ability to run obliquely to cope with lateral loads


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