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Soil nailing system

The soil nailing method is one of the common methods in temporary and permanent stabilization and protection of earthen walls, soft stones and crushed stones. The implementation of this method is step by step and from top to bottom. Each stage of the operation, including (a) excavation of the pit to a stable depth (1-2 meters), (b) plowing with specified length, diameter, slope and distance, (c) installation of reinforcement and injection of cement slurry, (d) installation Special composite drainage strips on the working chest, (e) installation of welded mesh, shotcrete execution and installation of restraining plate in place of reinforcements. Unsuitable and problematic conditions for nailing can be dry and cohesionless soils, high groundwater, rubble soils, fine to very soft fine soils, organic soils, corrosive soils, rocks Weather, long cold, loose and very loose granular soils. In such cases, their design and construction costs will be higher than normal.



- Restraining the walls caused by mountaineering during road construction

- Restraint of walls caused by temporary or permanent excavations in urban areas

- Widening of roads located under the base of bridges

- Stabilization of natural slopes

- Stabilization of engineering embankment slopes



- Do not occupy space in the building and the floor

- Ability to run according to different geometric patterns

- Ability to maintain the wall from top to bottom and at the same time with excavation

- High safety due to the large number of soil nails and the possibility of increasing them in the required areas

- Adjust and reposition the soil nails when dealing with obstacles

- No need for structural elements supporting the earth wall

- Using relatively small equipment to install soil nails, especially in impassable places

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