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Shotcrete is a mortar or concrete that is sprayed on the surface with high pressure and speed. In the construction industry today, shotcrete has several applications that, depending on the intended purpose, can play the role of protecting the work surface or creating a concrete cover. One of the advantages of shotcrete is that it covers the uneven surfaces of underground excavations and forms a relatively smooth surface. In stone and earthen walls created after excavation, a temporary layer of shotcrete is used as soon as the substrate is prepared. The purpose of applying the temporary shotcrete layer is to protect the soil against weathering, the initial connection between the soil nails and to protect against erosion and soil scaling in the excavated soil. Temporary maintenance typically involves installing metal mesh, shotcrete layers and soil nails. Armed shotcrete can be used for permanent maintenance.



- Temporary and permanent maintenance of earthen and stone walls in excavation

- Covering the base and roof of bridges

- Repair of worn concrete components

- Coating light construction walls

- Tunnel Lining

- Increasing the thickness of concrete pipes in corrosive and fire-hazardous environments

- Stabilizing mountains and rocks by covering them with a welded mesh and spraying concrete on them



- No need for formatting

- The possibility of executing concrete structures with curved, circular and irregular shapes

- Creating complete adhesion between the slurry and the round bar or welded mesh

- Achieving strength of concrete in the range of 250-480 kg / cm2 in normal conditions

- High execution speed

- It is economical

- Prevent the advancement of corrosive agents in steel and concrete components

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