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Composite retaining stractures

In the most of urban construction especially in costal areas, excavation in loose soils in situation of under groundwater level, is imperative because of (due to) the basement and the requirement of the plan and the high regional price of the land. And the most of civil engineers are facing with basic concerns and challenges in this field. The presence of building and the ways around of excavated zone, inappropriate land, high groundwater level, the inefficiency and inadequacy of most of the methods for the soil wall stabilization for excavated zone with limited area and the high cost of conventional retaining structures form the perspective of the executive, are the main challenges in this field. Based on this and with the aim of overcoming the executive problem in this field, the steel composite retaining structure was invented.



The construction of composite retaining structure process in loose soils excavation can behave wide application in the excavation of civil projects and urban construction especially in limited areas, existence of loose soils and high groundwater level in particular, in the where other methods don’t have the proper functionaili method will be a good complement in this field. So, using this method is possible in urban construction that having basement, implementation of discharge ponds and water and wastewater pumping, implementation of shallow underground tanks and many civil projects.




-   in situation of existence of granular loose soils and high groundwater level that there is no possibility of well excavation, installation of vertical piles done by high frequency hammering and without well excavation.

- possibility of this method in large or limited areas.

- in loose granular soils, in addition to providing the required (necessary) force (power), causes improvement of significant volume of the wall of the soil.

- economic efficiency and execution speed of this kind (type) of composite retaining structure is more than other methods.

- this system is not cumber some and will not prevent construction operation.


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