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Performing the shotcrete

Shotcrete is mortar or concrete that is splashed at high pressure to desired level . Today, shotcrete has various applications in the construction industry that depending on the target it can

protect the work surface or make concrete cover .

Covering uneven surface of underground holes and providing flat surface is one of the shotcrete

benefits. As soon as bed preparation work a layer of temporary shotcrete used in soil and stone walls that created after drilling.

The purpose of the temporary layer shotcrete is : soil protection against weathering , the initial

connection between soil nails ,protecting against erosion and scaling soil in the chest of excavated soil .

Temporary storage, typically, include : metal network installation ,shotcrete layers and soil nails.

Reinforced shotcrete can be used for permanent storage .



_Temporary and permanent storage of soil and stone wall in excavation.

_Recap bridges foundation and roof .

_Restoration of worn concrete components.

_Recap light walls of build.

_Lining tunnels .

_Increasing the concrete pipe thickness in corrosive and dangerous environments in fire.

_Facing mountains and rocks by covering them with a welded gird and concrete splashing on            




_No need for formating.

_The possibility of implementing concrete structure with curved , circular and non-regular shapes.

_Create perfect adhesion between grout and bar or welded gird.

_Gain strength within 250_480 kg per square cm in ordinary conditions apply.

_High-speed performance.

_Economic efficiency.

_Prevent the advance of corrosive agents on steel and concrete components.

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